Heat Pump Technology

Air source heat pump Hertfordshire.

Working in the Hertfordshire and North London area we specialise in Heat Pump Technology. We carry out heat pump repairs, servicing and new heat pump installations.

Heat Pump Technology – Brings you many benefits

Heat your home with energy absorbed from the air around you!

The Cylinder will save you up to 70% on your hot water costs and reduce your carbon emissions by several tonnes per year!

As the cost of providing heating and hot water continues to increase, homes and businesses are seeking out more efficient and cost effective ways to provide for their needs. With hot water accounting for at least a third of heating costs, finding a 'Renewables' based system that will deliver significant savings is on everyone’s minds. With this as its driver, Heat Pump technology is the most efficient and cost effective means of providing hot water on the market. The Cylinder is able to provide for all your hot water needs, 365 days a year and at a fraction of the cost of other forms of hot water provision.

At Heat Pump Technologies Ltd we work with all types of heat pump technology systems. With the knowledge and experience of our team, we know that we will be able to fulfil your heating needs.

If you are in need of any advice for your home, office, or other commercial property in Hertfordshire or North London, please contact us today on 01707 393444. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Air source heat pumps are similar in operation to ground source heat pumps, except that heat is extracted from the air rather than the ground. Air source heat pumps are classified as either air to air or air to water depending on whether the heat distribution system in the building uses air to water.

    The main advantage of air source heat pumps over ground source heat pumps is their lower installation cost.

    A ground source heat pump requires a network of underground coils that is used to extract heat from the ground. By comparison, air source heat pumps extract the heat directly from the outside air and so avoid any potential underground installation problems.